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Here Is What Makes Off Campus Rentals Such a Great Company to Rent an Apartment From!

  • Off Campus Rentals is Family Owned and Operated:  Off Campus Rentals has been providing Plymouth State University, PSU, students with awesome apartments in Plymouth, NH since 1986.  We know what it takes to keep our tenants happy and provide Plymouth State University students with exceptional quality and expertly managed apartments that we are proud of!  We own all 55 of the units we manage. 
  • Off Campus Rentals is Close to PSU:  Plymouth State University Students love living with Off Campus Rentals because all our apartments are close to PSU.  No matter what apartment you choose it is easy to walk to campus.  Off Campus Rentals has houses and apartments on Langdon St, Green St, Russell St, Merrill St, Highland St, Hawthorne St and North River St. 
  • We Are Wicked Friendly:  Stop by the office or call us at 536-1223 or send us an email or contact us through our website, we love to chat to PSU students and parents alike and we’re happy to help you out in any way we can!
  • Everything is Included:  Your apartment rent includes high speed internet, cable tv in every bedroom, parking, heat, electricity, water/sewer, trash, plowing, and for some of our properties even AC.  When you move into an OCR apartment it is ready to go, no hassling to put the internet and electricity in your own name, no more paying for heating oil, no more worrying about anything; relax, living with Off Campus Rentals is Easy!
  • Massive Selection:  With 27 buildings, 55 apartments and over 200 bedrooms , Off Campus Rentals is sure to have an apartment you’ll fall in love with!
  • We Are On-Call 24 Hours a Day:  We are always there ready to help you.  Locked out at 1am, we’ll be right over.
  • Spotlessly Clean:  We spend the entire summer cleaning and painting our apartments from floor to ceiling so that when you move in you don’t have to.  Every wall is mopped, every carpet steamed cleaned, every surface scrubbed and disinfected.  You’ll have a hard time finding a cleaner apartment anywhere on earth, guaranteed!
  • Our Bedrooms Are Huge:  Come check them out, you won’t be disappointed! 
  • Our Properties Are Quiet and Under Control:  If you want your home to be quiet, safe and respectable then you’ll love renting from us.
  • We’ve Been in the Business for a Long Time:  We’ve been in the game for 30 years and we know what it takes to run rental properties and to keep PSU students happy and safe.
  • We Have a Strict Lease but We Are Fair and Honest:  Before you sign a lease with Off Campus Rentals we will go over it in detail.  You will know and understand what we will expect from you and what you can expect from us.  We want to rent to tenants who want to rent from us for the very reason that we are strict and fair as this means you’ll get a sweet house that is safe to come home to. 
  • We Have Night Security:  We are there to keep you and your apartment safe and within the bounds of your lease.  We are wicked friendly and there for you!
  • Awesome Reputation:  Before you sign a lease ask around, quiz some tenants that live with the landlord you are thinking of renting from.  Check out your landlord’s online reviews, we’ve got almost a 5 star rating on Google.
  • Wicked Good Service:  Broken toilet, leaking sink, light bulb out; give us a call, or better yet log a maintenance request with your phone, we’ll be there asap to replace your toilet, stop the leak and change out the bulb, we love fixing stuff!
  • Control Your Own Heat:  At Off Campus Rentals if you like it hot, go ahead turn up the thermostat, we want you to be happy, and this definitely means being warm in the winter.  We’ve lived here a long time and we know how long NH winters can be.  Make sure to ask before signing a lease, “Do I get to control of the thermostat?”  Sometimes that answer is ‘no’.  Rest assured there are no cold tenants at OCR.  Heck, we own our own insulating machine and we love to blow insulation!  We've spray foamed every basement in the OCR fleet, get ready for warm feet!
  • Locks on Every Bedroom:  With our awesome one key system you get exactly that, one key that unlocks your front door and your bedroom but no one else’s bedroom.  How cool, no need to worry about your room when you go home for the weekend.   
  • Tenant Portals:  Tenants can pay rent, find apartments, make requests and view leases all from their phone.
  • A/C:  In 2015 we started upgrading lots of our properties with A?C.  The A/C runs from a mini-split heat pump which will also provide heating in the winter, for anyone out there that cares about the health of our planet this is the most efficient, least polluting way to cool/heat a home!
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters:  Ever rent an apartment with a limited hot water supply?  Not at Off Campus Rentals.  All our units have Heat Pump Water Heaters.  They are better for the planet and better for you.
  • High Quality Heating Systems:  If you rent an apartment from Off Campus Rentals there is no need to worry about frozen pipes.  All our heating systems are state of the art and we have a plumber on call 24 hours a day if we need him.
  • Solar Power:  In 2014 we installed a 15 kw solar array on 7 Russell St.  It provides enough power for all 25 of the tenants that live there.  In 2018 we installed a 10 kw solar array onto 14 Russell St which provides power for all 12 tenants that live there.  Next year we plan to install 10kw of solar on the roof of 4 Russell St.  We love the sun!
  • LED Lights in Every Fixture: In 2019 we are upgrading every light and fixture to LED bulbs.  Better light, less power usage, better for the planet.
  • Fire Safety:  We have all sealed 10 year lithium battery smoke/carbon monoxide units.  The batteries never need replacing so you will never hear that annoying 'chirping' sound you hear at every other apartment in town.  Plus no one can tamper with the unit so you can sleep sound knowing you are safe.  We have a private contractor that inspects and upgrades all our fire extinguisher so they are always up to date.

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