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Donald Hunter is a Plymouth man!  He went to Plymouth Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High school.  He received a degree in business from Plymouth State University in 1995 and so did his wife.   Currently his two children are both enrolled at PSU and live with Off Campus Rentals.  After graduation Don worked for some large property management companies in the city and ran his own construction company.  After settling down he moved back to Plymouth to run Off Campus Rentals.  He has been working for Off Campus Rentals and helping PSU students transition into responsible adults since 2002.  Not only is Don great at great at running Off Campus Rentals but he loves his job and loves working with Plymouth State University students.  Don loves to chat, stop in and say ‘hi’.

Sky Shaw received an art degree from Plymouth State University in 2006.   Since graduation Sky has been a curator for the Currier Museum in Manchester, run a snowboard shop, lived in Montana, been a snowboard bum, got married, had a couple of babies and purchased and sold a few homes.   You are likely to find Sky outdoors somewhere riding his board or bike or towing his baby and wiffie on some crazy adventure.   Sky has been working for Off Campus Rentals full time since 2012 and is a master at communicating with tenants and keeping everyone happy and calm.  Ask him about welding, pizza ovens, mtb's, skateboarding...he does it all!

Isaac Dewever is our Switch Blade!  He been a professional builder, he used to run PSU's whole maintenance program, he's worked for Walk to Campus, he was a fisherman in Alaska, he can build a post and beam house in his sleep and he's awesome with Students.  Plus he's a local boy; grew up in Rumney and went to high school and college here in Plymouth.  Everyone love Isaac and now he works for Off Campus Rentals, NICE!!!

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