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I enjoyed my stay at my apartment this past year and I would highly recommend anyone to live here. The landlords were always friendly and ready to lend a helping hand. The tenants also shared the same level of kindness as well as respect. Keep up the great work! John, 16A Highland, 2014

I had a great experience. The entire Off Campus Rentals team was always helpful and quick to respond. Happy to be renting an apartment through OCR for my senior year.Courtney, 54B Langdon, 2014

Thank you for everything – we loved our apartment and made it a home this year. Off Campus was always right there to help us with anything we needed.
Your attentiveness made a difference! Thanks for our home. We will miss you! Tasia, 24B Langdon, 2014

Over the past 2 years, Off Campus Rentals has been nothing but good to us, and I like to think we returned that favor. You have been very patient with all types of questions at any time of day. I would like to say thank you for two wonderful years and I am sad to have to say good-bye. Kaylah, 1 Edmunds, 2014

I think you guys do an amazing job all around. Friendly and efficient. I would just like to thank you for the two great years I have had with you. Thank you very much! Rosa, Apartment 87D Highland, 2014

We truly had no problems at all. We love our cozy little apartment. If ever we needed something done, or had a problem with the house OCR was very accommodating and timely in getting it done. We found every staff member incredibly friendly and kind, even going out of their way to say "Hi" when they saw us downtown! I urge every person who is thinking about living off campus to rent through OCR, as we have. Never had better landlords! We will miss you; thank for making our senior year so great! Liz and Ashley, 89 Highland, 2014

One fear most students have when moving out of the dorms and into their first apartment is that something will go wrong and the landlords will blame the tenants. I thought Off Campus Rentals would be good, but I underestimated how much they value the students and are dedicated to fixing problems and maintaining a good landlord-tenant relationship.

Whenever I called, someone was always on top of it, I always talked to a person and didn't have to leave a message and hope it would get handled. We had some minor problems with our dishwasher, they gave us suggestions, came over checked everything out and in the end brought us a new one. There was a time that our stove ended up sparking and shorting out at 8pm, I called, they walked me through which circuit breaker switches to flip and there was a new oven in our apartment within a few days.

Even after calling on multiple occasions to ask questions about things or have someone come by, I was told many times how glad Off Campus was to have me as a tenant and they went out of their way to try to set me up with a roommate for the next year. If I could stick to Off Campus I would do it in a heartbeat because I know I can trust them to always pull through for me and I would recommend them to anyone I know in a heartbeat
Katherine P. 85#6 Highland 2013
I really enjoyed my experience livng at my apartment. If felt a lot like home, wich helped make this year the most secure and comfortable out of my four years here. Thank you. Taylor 22C Merrill 2013

You guys are amazing! You're always so helpful whenever we need it as wqell as extremely understanding. I'm excited to be a tenant again next year. I would never go to anyone else. Alyssa, 16C Highland 2013

Thank you for the past 2 years renting. We had our issues in the beginning as living with 7 people can be difficult but we learned alot. Best of luck in the future. We loved this house. 56 Langdon 2013

I loved living with you for the past 2 school years. Thanks for all of your help and support and making my living situations comfortable and enjoyable. Shaylene 22 C Merrill 2013

I have really enjoyed renting from all of you. It is so easy to get in contact with you if needed and that is great to know. You have great service . One thing I would suggest would be to have a place where tenants can compost. I have really liked Off Campus. Jennie 16#1 Hawthorne 2013

Thank you for a wonderful senior year. Off Campus Rentals was a great place to rent from. You guys were very attentive. We highly encourage anyone to rent from Off Campus Rentals. Your have given our senior year memories of an apartment we will always call home. Katie, Aliz, Monica, Maura 87A Highland St

Thank you for coming right over whenever we need something. Thanks for being great landlords and always having our best interests in mind and at heart.
-The girls at 23 A Merrill St.

I am currently a senior here wrapping up at PSU. I have lived in an Off Campus Rentals apartment for 2 years now, and I can honestly say my roommates and I all fell in love with our house and luckily we are passing it off to our friends so we can still come back and visit it. The landlords Doug, Paul and Don are great. They do an excellent job of making sure we are comfortable and fixing any problems that do arise. The lease is reasonable and the prices are not bad at all. I love the comfort of seeing my car sitting just outside the window and doing my laundry right in the apartment. Off Campus Rentals have truly made my first official living on my own easy and comfortable.
-Liz, 56 Langdon

Thank you very much. The apartment was very nice and Emily and I appreciate all of the things you did for us through out the school year. Thank you Doug for giving us the chance to live here. And Paul thanks for taking care of all the repairs and helping us with stuff around our home. We will miss your smile. Thanks again.

Ugh... We don't want to leave, but unfortunately it is time for us to move on from Plymouth. It's been an amazing two years at 22C, and we've really enjoyed you, Paul and your wife as our landlords. 2004-05 tenants

Suzie enjoyed her year at the apartment. Thanks.

I want to thank you for another year for all you have done as landlords for H. I hope she is a good tenant for you, I know she loves her home away from home. Hope to continue for another year or two, have a great day.

I wanted to drop a line with this payment to tell you we are so happy that Heather is renting another year in your apartment complex.It's so reassuring to know she has a nice place and a very caring landlord and staff. She and I talk everyday and she is so happy with her new neighbors in the building one even has a kitten. I can almost assure she will be with you again. Thank you for all you do and your thoughtfulness. - mother of a tenant

Thank you for your e-mail. I'm happy to hear that you are strict landlords. I told _____ to follow the rules and she shouldn't have any more problems. You should be receiving her share of the rent by Monday the latest. Sorry for the delay. Thank you so much for you time. -mother of a tenant

I am writing to thank you for the time I've spent in your apartment building on Hawthorne St. It's been a very busy year for me, and it's been great knowing that housing or landlord problems have not been an issue. You've been reliable and pleasant to deal with. Best of luck in the coming years.
-Former tenant of 16 Hawthorne

Just wanted to thank you for inviting us to the fall tenant cookout. I don't know any other landlords who do this. Also thanking for being so efficient in repairing our little mini-blind. It's been a great few weeks. Thanks again.
-Forner tenant at 16 Hawthorne

My roommates and I have rented from Doug and Sue for the past two years. During that time they have always been very nice and co-operative with any questions or minor problems that we have had. They are friendly and approachable. Our house and other houses/apartments of theirs seem to be much nicer and better kept than others in Plymouth. Overall we have been extremely pleased with our renting experience.
-Former tenant of 54 Langdon

Our apartment, 85 Highland St. provides convenient parking for tenants. The location is quiet and pleasant, yet still within walking distance to campus. The two person apartments are spacious and reasonable with heat and electricity included.
-Two year tenants at 85 Highland

Doug and Sue are very helpful landlords. When I moved from one apartment of theirs to another, they brought their truck and helped me move my stuff. Doug is also very serious about his noise policies and responsive to complaints. My room is always warm enough and the building is very clean.
- Former tenant at 7 Russell

Thanks for providing a nice apartment for my son.
-Note from a tenant's mother

Doug and Sue have been great to rent from this past year (fall 2000). Whenever we have questions about something around the apartment they come right over and try to answer it as best they can. All of their apartments around town are maintained very well, whether it be plowing in the winter or mowing the lawn in the summers. Both of them are very willing to make their apartments a comfortable place to live for all of us. Doug and Sue definitely make our apartment feel like our home away from home.
-Former tenants at 65 Langdon

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